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By signing up and actively using the program affiliates agree to all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. may, at any time, choose to edit, add and/or delete portions of this agreement and impose changes without prior notification of its affiliates. Affiliates will be informed of any/all changes to this policy via an e-mail to their primary contact e-mail address provided upon signing up with If any modification is unacceptable to affiliate, affiliates only recourse is to terminate this agreement. affiliates continued participation in the program following posting of a change in policy notice or new agreement on will constitute binding acceptance to the change. is an English speaking website. requires that all Affiliates read, write, and comprehend the English language. require that all advertising/promotion of be done on English speaking websites/forums, etc ... does not endorse the advertising of on non English speaking websites and Affiliates account is at risk if should discover Affiliates doing so. has no way of validating the legitimacy of Affiliates advertisement/promotion when placed in a language other than English.

Responsibility of Affiliates:

Affiliates must be 18 years of age or older to participate in are open to both US and International affiliates. Void where prohibited by local governing laws and as may be specifically stated otherwise on individual websites. Affiliates agree to use their legal name and a valid/approved e-mail address in the sign-up process. Affiliates may not assume a false identity. Affiliates may not sign-up multiple times with different/multiple email addresses. Affiliates may not sign-up multiple times with different/multiple pay providers. Affiliates computer must not be shared with another individual that has an existing account at any individual program. Affiliates will not sign-up for multiple opportunities, in attempts to defraud the advertiser, or, in any way, Violation of any terms associated with the, or individual advertisers, will be cause to terminate the account in violation, with all earnings/advertising forfeit
Affiliates will use an email address/password combination to access an account, Affiliates are solely responsibility to keep this information confidential. Affiliate may change this information by logging into the account and following the "User Account Information" link. Affiliates are solely responsible for any/all use of individual account/s including inappropriate authorization by affiliate to any third party individual who may use Affiliate account.
Multiple sign-ups shall be grounds for immediate termination of all involved accounts. Signing up multiple times from the same computer also constitutes fraud. will file charges for recovery of any earnings received from multiple sign-ups.
Hidden IP's or computer ID's will result in deletion of affiliate account. Those clicking the "Searches" interest box that are not from approved countries displayed, and physically in those geographic locations at the time of linking, will have their account suspended/terminated.
Affiliates must maintain a valid/approved email account. It is Affiliates responsibility to make certain the email provider accepts all emails from

Instruction to set yahoo, aol and hotmail accounts up properly:
Mailbox Set-up Tutorial cannot accept responsibility for any mail Affiliate may not receive because the provider decides not to deliver it to Affiliate.
You agree to receive e-mail advertising from
In the event Affiliate e-mail account on file becomes closed or blocked to messages from, Affiliate account will be terminated. This applies to e-mail accounts returned for being Full. Any Affiliate sending class-act-clicks.comresult in automatic termination of Affiliates account and Forfeiture of All earnings. Auto-responses will also be deleted immediately.
Any Affiliate may post in any/all forum/blog etc... without fear of sanctions/punishment concerning any program,or the administration of any program, within
Any Affiliate may republish any public/private message/correspondence received from, or displayed within, Message/correspondence must remain unedited/complete, or an active link which displays the information in it's complete form must be included with the information published.
It is strongly encouraged for all individuals to express themselves as/when/where they desire.
It is requested that any issues be brought to administration of for resolution,or that administration be made aware of any public posts for the purpose of responding to specific issues.
This is a request and is not required/mandatory.
Mature, responsible, truthful, respectful expressions of any kind are not grounds for sanctions of any kind, Such expressions will be respected as the rights of any individual to be expressed as, where, and when an individuals feels is appropriate.

Exclusion to this are:

Excessive expressions of vulgarity.
Racism of any kind.
Hatred, of any kind.
Any public, or private expressions/displays determined to be of an excessively degrading, or abusive nature,etc...
False evidence, that can be proven to be inaccurate by any member of the administration of, ... Will result in individual accounts being deleted and all earnings forfeit without warning.

Violation of any of the "Responsibility of Affiliates" requirements will be cause for immediate cancellation!

Abuse of Administration:

Any Affiliate sending gibberish or abusive mail (including but not limited to swearing at the administration of will result in automatic termination of Affiliate account and forfeiture of all earnings to date of termination. This also applies to any Affiliate abusing administration in any online forum or via instant messenger.


Any Affiliate caught encouraging or promoting cheating of will be deleted. Affiliates deleted for this reason are NOT allowed to join again, and their IPs and email addresses will be blocked to prevent future signups.
Should any instances of fraud, system abuse, or any type of activity deemed to be inappropriate, or illegal be detected by, this may result in, but not be restricted to, member termination, loss of earnings, including possible legal action. Any solicitation of advertisers for a confirmation email for purposes of receiving credit in affiliates account will be grounds for immediate termination. Affiliates found to be accessing areas of the website not approved and/or linking to websites specific affiliates are not approved for will be deleted and all earnings forfeited. Affiliates that are known hackers, cheaters, "'bot" software authors/distributors, or have committed any other illegal/fraudulent activities elsewhere have may be removed from, without warning.

SHARING INFORMATION ABOUT CHEATERS: reserves the right to publicly display/share information about Affiliates detected cheating as determined to be necessary.

Keyword Selection

Advertisers may want to target their advertising to certain areas of interest to be able to give Affiliates the advertisements that are of specific interest to Affiliates. To accommodate our advertisers requests that Affiliates check the interests that apply to Affiliates.
There will be no redemption/payout request processed for any affiliate that does not designate acceptance of these terms by checking off appropriate option.

** Accept Terms of Service **

Selection of (Webmaster/Administrator ONLY) is for Program owners and administrators ONLY.

Any Affiliates checking the following interest boxes on the User Account Information page will have their accounts immediately deleted without warning and will not be re-instated! has several "bad" keywords/interests:

cannot read
Cheating - please delete me
Delete account
I cheat
I do not understand English
I prefer unsustainable websites
Invalid Choice
Keep/Donate Earnings
Selection Invalid
Testing - Do Not Choose

Additionally there are required keywords, ie ... :

Age Range
Geographic Location

(Designating that an Affiliate is multiple age ranges, geographic location, sex, etc ... Will be cause for immediate cancellation.)

This assists in determining the Affiliates that can not comprehend the English language.
If Affiliate account is found designating inappropriate responses the Affiliate account will be deleted immediately.

If you are NOT from a search allowed country, do not select the SEARCH interest/keyword.

Affiliate member accounts, from non search countries, that have search keyword selected will be deleted and all earnings forfeit without warning.

Allowed Search Countries:

You may have searches checked as an interest only if you are from the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Affiliates found to be using features specified as for search countries Affiliates only, or choosing interests in member profile restricted to countries on this list will have their accounts deleted and all earnings forfeit.

Relationship of the Parties:

Affiliates and are "At Will" independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement creates any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between you and Affiliates understand that Affiliates do not have authority to make or accept any offers or make any representations on behalf of Affiliate may not make any statement, whether on your site or otherwise, that would contradict anything in this section. Affiliates are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any taxes for money earned while using the

Limitation of Liability: will not be liable for lost profits, lost business opportunities, or any other indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages rising out of, or related to this Agreement, and or including if administration has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Furthermore, aggregate liability arising under this Agreement will not exceed the amount of the total fees paid, or payable to Affiliates under this Agreement. The provisions of this Section survive termination or expiration of the Agreement.


There are no "Forced Click" Minimum requirements at any to be paid as the "Basic" "Free" member.
Affiliates must be in "active" status with 25% activity level to earn from down-lines.
Affiliates must log into account every fifteen days (15) days.
Affiliates must click at least one tracking link every fifteen days (15)) days for "Active" status.
Inactive accounts are subject to termination.Any members not active for more than 15 days will have their accounts suspended unless otherwise designated.
In most cases, inactive members may request their accounts be placed back to active status.
Failure to contact administration within 45 days thereafter requesting reactivation of Affiliates account will result in termination of Affiliate account and forfeiture of all earnings.
Accounts remaining inactive 60 days will be deleted and purged.


Affiliates may set their account on vacation for a period of time no longer than 30 days (periods of longer than 30 days require Affiliates to contact class-act-clicks.comt and request an extended vacation period).
Failure to request an extended vacation period will subject Affiliates account to deletion for inactivity, thereby losing all pending payouts, earnings, and referrals.
Repeated abuse of the vacation provision (ie placing Affiliates account on vacation every month for the entire 30 day period) will lead to Affiliates account cancellation.

Payments:(*) See Note

Accounts will be scanned for activity.
Simply logging in, without tracking link viewed, will not constitute activity.
Random payments are made at the administrations pleasure.
Accounts found to be inactive requesting payment will be terminated.
Accounts found to be in negative balances will be terminated. will pay affiliates when their balance reaches the minimum payout rate set by
Once the Affiliate has reached payout eligibility Affiliates may request payment once per 30 day period.
Specific, hard to obtain payment processor currency options, (ie ...E-Gold), will be paid on a "When Available" status, with possibility the lack of availability of desired currency extends beyond terms designated interval of payment.
The availability of specific currency is the only exception to payments being made out of terms. Payments will be made within 30 days or is to be considered out of terms.

No activity requirements will be in effect during any period is out of terms.

Profile information must be kept accurate/current to receive payment/redemption at all times. No payment/redemption will be processed for any account with incomplete/inaccurate information


Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France,Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America.


(Redemption Only)


There will be case by case, individual, exceptions made to this policy with prior administration approval, obtained by request, from affiliate member.
Affiliates who have shown themselves to be active, honest, and able to fully comprehend the English language may request this approval after 90 days active membership.
This comprehension will be proven by completion, of an English test, with Affiliates receiving a score of no less than 65%.

This test will be administered by an independent outside source,
(Example - )

Results to be included to administration when requesting change in payment status.
Affiliates who have been approved for this privilege will have an administration designated interest selected, with account notation, which will indicate this approved status.
(Any Affiliate found to have this interest incorrectly selected will be deleted immediately, earnings forfeit).
This approval is not an Affiliate member right, but a privilege, which can be revoked without warning. is a $0.01 minimum payout advertising program paying on 30 day cycle

NOTE: Any/All payment fees from any/all payment processors be the responsibility of the individual Affiliate.

Paid To Promote Clause:

The Paid To Promote is an additional feature, secondary to the Paid To Read.
Affiliates must be "Reasonably" active in the Paid To Read portions of programs to make use of the Paid to Promote feature.
The term, "Reasonably", is an arbitrary judgment, to be determined in a case by case situation.
If Affiliates are determined to be abusing the Paid To Promote, the Affiliates Paid To Promote privileges will be suspended, Affiliates will receive warning, with Affiliates account at risk of deletion should abuse continue.
Affiliates may NOT exclusively run the Paid To Promote feature and receive payout.
Additionally; In order to be paid from the Paid To Promote, Affiliates must have a paid, upgrade affiliate membership.

Affiliate Page Clause:

Affiliate Page users will be required to meet same requirements to achieve payout as is indicated for use of Paid to Promote feature unless otherwise stipulated, or have purchased the privilege to make use of affiliate pages at outside advertiser prices.
Administration reserves the right to limit the issue of affiliate pages. administration reserves the right to deny the sale of an affiliate page to any individual, if administration decides the individual will, through the promotion of the affiliate page, be detrimental to the financial stability of
Once an affiliate page is issued it cannot be revoked without valid cause.
Rate of earning will not be less than a base "CPM" level set at the time of purchase through the life of that purchase contract.
Renewal is not a guarantee for any individual at time of expiration of affiliate page for any individual.


Affiliate may not promote affiliate referral links through unsolicited emailing (i.e. SPAMMING), newsgroup postings, or any other method of mass communication. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of affiliate membership with and may result in legal strictly enforces anti-Spamming laws. Spamming is a federal crime. Any affiliate caught Spamming will not only have affiliate account terminated immediately and lose any past, present and future earnings. Affiliate will also be held liable for Spamming as will cooperate with all authorities and investigations that may rise from the Spamming incident. will charge up to $5 per spam e-mail sent.

Master Definition of Terms of Service for ALL Wench Muffins Network Programs available:
Wench Muffins Metwork - Terms of Service

The following Wench Muffins Network Programs are "Paid Per Action" Advertising Businesses

Wench Muffins Network programs are not multi-level marketing programs or a "Get rich scheme".
Affiliate Memberships are completely free.
Affiliate Members are not required to recruit or sell anything in order to get paid.

Additional differences/restrictions/benefits may apply at individual Website/Program/s.
Individual Website/Program/s should be referred to for specific details

(*/) Terms are specific at a "Redeem for Advertising Only" program - Terms of Service

(Updated 8/2008)